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Why do women complain so much?

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Why do women complain so much?

There is one popular way of stereotyping women. It is that they complain so much. It is time for a renaissance. There are no women who intentionally complain. And if they are complaining, there is a valid reason behind it. There may be a variety of reason but we have spotted out some common reasons. With the factors below let’s try and understand why women complain so much.


This is the commonest reason for a woman to complain. Women will start whining and complaining when she feels insecure. If she find out, that you like to watch on female porn stars more than on her, you can regret about that. She will start blabbering and nagging a lot. This will tend her to put forth some suspicious questions to her man. She will try to figure out some signs for being disloyal.

Most importantly she will complain about the reduced time of spending with her. To help her out it is important to give some of your time to make her feel special.

Bitterly hurt

It is human nature to hold grudges and take revenge. Both men and women do this. Women do this by using nagging as a weapon. They remind about the bad moment they underwent and repeat the same whenever it is possible.

When you recognise this act, it is better to open up and apologize for the things to be undone. And be smart enough to get a promise to not to repeat the same.

Feels threatened

When she feels the beautiful relationship has turned into a threat, girlfriends complaints too much. But it will not be a casual nagging. It will have a flavour of defensive complaining. Most of the arguments will tend to show that they are equal to you.

During these times, it is always important to take her side and never be aggressive.

women will start whining

To get her space

In this new generation, both men and women are working. They will have a lot of commitments from their work side. In a relationship, both have to understand each other’s importance for their work.

Both have to sit, discuss and plan on how to execute things with a give and take policy. This shows the level of love and respect both have for each other. Sometimes, both the women and the men will have the tendency to put a lot of pressure of work on the same.

Attention seeking

It is not only about women but also men require attention. In a relationship, both men and women have to complement each other and spend time giving their attention. This habit will give a sense of pure and true affection.

The simple things can make up every relationship special and mesmerising. It is better not to complaining woman. Instead, think of your love and comfort them during emotional breakdowns and this will do the needful.