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Things to take care when dating a man with mommy issues

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Things to take care when dating a man with mommy issues

For every son, his mother is a saviour and for every daughter, her father is her first hero. It is very hard to break this relationship. A son or daughter may act very rudely towards his/ her father or mother. But deep in heart, there is overwhelming love and affection for each other. Mummy issues will never submerge from men’s heart.

When he feels, that he is not getting adequate love and care, he will immediately think about his mother. He will also compare the qualities of his mother and you. However, this is not something, that can damage the entire relationship. A man will expect some quality from his girlfriend to remain satisfied in his entire life.

It is filthy to think, to end the relationship and move on citing this to be the reason. Love is all about being on the extreme need. Wanting a perfect person in your life, who can know and render all your expectations is not born and will never be born. So love a person unconditionally and help him at all times.

Men with mommy issues will have three conditions. It includes being emotionally unstable, behaves as if there is no direction and even plays the victim.

man with mommy issues

Emotionally unstable

Guys with mommy issues will be emotionally unstable. What brings him to this condition? He needs and longs for care and love. Think what a mother does. She cares for him every minute. She is very much updated on all his activities and desires.

The very same he expects from you. He needs you to care and give a lot of attention. Don’t behave arrogantly with him. Forget your ego for a few days. When you do this for just a week, you can see changes in your partner. He would love you, care you and respect you. Having mummy issues is not a crime. Let him be and you love him.

No direction

He will be lost in a world, where only his thoughts of his mother would float. Never try to take him out of the world and distract his attention. Go with the flow and help him in his day to day work. Give him your suggestions.

It is difficult to give you time. But when you love conditionally, you will find the way. All you have to do is, make his day to day work easy. Give a lot of consideration on his everyday routine. Buy him the things that he likes. It should be something that supports his passion.

Plays victim

It is the most irritating thing that your man can do. He will play victim, telling about his past experiences. He would try to prove himself to be very honest, kind, and loyal yet not blessed. You can tackle this situation, by telling him about the other people whose survival is in question. Make him understand how blessed he is, and the pleasure of being grateful for everything that he has.

All these philosophical ideas may test your temper many times. When you are really concerned about your men with mummy issues, giving a try and it will not leave you in hopelessness.