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Separation versus Divorce – Which is beneficial

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Separation versus Divorce – Which is beneficial

Heading straight into the topic, let us know all about divorce vs legal separation

Coming to divorce, it is highly intricate, costly for both the parties going through it. This has led to the finding of cost-effective and beneficial resolution. There are some cases, in which the couple find that more benefits are there in legal separation. This is an official end to the marriage. So straight, divorce is complicated. But how beneficial is separation agreement versus divorce?

Legal separation

When you are nearing an end for your marriage and if you consider legal separation, you will need a legal separation agreement. This will not provide so much assistance. A tiring negotiation will take place to arrive at an agreeable settlement. It is very complicated when the parties need separate households thereafter.


It is even worse when children are involved. It is more like a divorce which needs an agreement and your communication to talk out the most important issues and details to help in arriving at the end of your relationship. It will look into custody arrangements, financial arrangements and any other debt applications. Other details which are leading you to end the relationship should also be entered into the document.

Separated versus divorced benefits

  • When you are legally separated, you can still have access to the financial benefits of each other.
  • You can also have access to social security and many other government benefits.
  • You can file your taxes as a married couple. In clear terms, both have to pay the tax jointly.
  • You will be eligible to avail standard deduction in tax which is considerable.
  • You can expect a lot of tax breaks on your annual returns.

There is no need for getting divorced when you can legally be separated. You gain space even with your married status.

Emotional freedom

Marriage is an auspicious Bond. Many do not believe in the righteous in dissolving a marriage. Opting the state of being separated vs divorced will give you the freedom to think and work on the issues. It will give some space and emotional relief of a quarrelsome relationship.

As a new turnaround, you may even think of the lovely moments and get back together. It will give you both the time and space to think pragmatically. And sometimes, it might be a practising stage before being finally divorced.

While taking this kind of extreme decisions in life, have inclusive thinking. Think about yourself and your partner separately. Think of both of you together and think of your children and finally the impact of this decision on them. Let it be anything. A divorce versus separation; have a second thought, whether you can fill the emptiness of a soul that was for long with you.